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Amit Shah: The Mastermind Behind Modi’s Political Triumphs



Amit Shah

As India anticipates whether Narendra Modi will secure a historic third term as Prime Minister, attention often turns to a less spotlighted yet immensely influential figure by his side. This figure, less discussed but pivotal, continues to shape the extraordinary ascent of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) through strategic formulation.

Enter Union Home Minister Amit Shah of India, often referred to as the ‘second most powerful’ person in the country. A longstanding close ally of Modi, Shah is known for providing crucial election-centric advice to the Prime Minister and playing a significant role in the BJP’s strategy.

A staunch Hindu nationalist, Shah is revered by his supporters as Amit Bhai, hailed for his organizational prowess and strategic acumen. While he has not ascended to the role of Prime Minister himself, his extraordinary skills as an organizer and strategist have been instrumental in the BJP’s electoral victories.

Critics, however, contend that Shah has been behind some of India’s most contentious laws, including the revocation of Kashmir’s partial autonomy and the passage of a new citizenship law widely viewed as discriminatory against Muslims.

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