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Who is Milton Samaddar?



Milton Samaddar has recently found himself thrust into the limelight, thanks to a flurry of accusations that have spread across both traditional media outlets and social networking platforms. Once viewed as a beacon of social welfare, soliciting financial aid for charitable causes, Milton Samaddar now faces a torrent of allegations that threaten to tarnish his reputation.

At the helm of the organization known as “Child and Old Age Care,” Milton Samaddar stands accused of a litany of serious offenses. These include heinous acts such as human trafficking, assault on vulnerable infants, and even the operation of secret torture chambers. Shockingly, allegations also extend to misusing funds intended for the most impoverished, orchestrating organ trafficking rings, forging death certificates, and seizing land through unlawful means.

Following his apprehension by the Intelligence Division (DB) of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Milton Samaddar was swiftly remanded by the courts, facing charges related to the fabrication of death certificates. Now embroiled in a complex legal battle, he faces multiple cases, with accusations ranging from fraud to human trafficking and torture.

Scrutiny into Milton Samaddar’s background paints a picture of a tumultuous past. Originating from Wazirpur, Barisal, his journey to Dhaka was marred by familial discord, culminating in his dismissal from a pharmacy role in Shahbagh amidst allegations of theft. Despite these setbacks, he eventually settled in Mirpur, where he established the ‘Child and Old Age Care’ shelter alongside his spouse.

The media frenzy surrounding Milton Samaddar has been relentless, with exposés amplifying public outrage across social media platforms. Despite vehement denials of wrongdoing, numerous alleged victims have come forward, sharing harrowing testimonies of their experiences.

Samaddar’s online presence has been a source of controversy, with claims of housing hundreds of sick patients and conducting burials for hundreds of deceased individuals. However, investigations have cast doubt on the validity of these assertions, prompting questions about the fate of the purportedly deceased.

Grave concerns have been raised regarding the treatment of individuals within Samaddar’s care. Reports of incisions found on bodies have fueled suspicions of organ harvesting, while allegations of neglect and deliberate obstruction of recovery efforts have cast a shadow over his supposed humanitarian efforts.

Beyond the realm of humanitarian aid, Milton Samaddar stands accused of perpetrating acts of violence. Reports of assaults on individuals contesting his land claims paint a disturbing picture of unchecked aggression. Additionally, allegations of mistreatment of journalists and financial opacity within his organization have further damaged his standing.

In what can only be described as a brazen power play, Samaddar faces allegations of attempting to seize control of a church through fraudulent means. Despite his staunch denials, investigations into his conduct continue to escalate, leaving a cloud of uncertainty hanging over his future.

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