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Muktadir and Sumaiya Clinch Victories at HM Salim Run 10K 2024 Marathon



The HM Salim Run 10K 2024 marathon witnessed Muktadir Ahmed and Sumaiya Akhtar triumphing in their respective categories. Held in the Diabari area of the city, organized by the Pinnacle Sports Association, this event showcased remarkable feats on Friday.

Muktadir Ahmed secured the top spot in the men’s 10 km category, completing the distance in an impressive 46 minutes. Sumaiya Akhtar dominated the women’s 7.5 km category, covering the distance in a remarkable 40 minutes.

Following closely behind were Sohail Rana and Mohammad Hriday, securing the first and second runners-up positions in the men’s category, while Nazmunnahar Bithi and Jahanara Akhtar claimed the first and second runners-up spots in the women’s category.

The marathon commenced at 7 am for the men’s category and at 7:30 am for the women’s category, witnessing enthusiastic participation with 572 male and 443 female runners.

The esteemed presence of Hossain Mohammad Salim, chairman of the Pinnacle Sports Association and an Imam of Hezbut Tawheed, as the chief guest, marked the occasion. In his address, he highlighted the vitality of awakening the youth and the association’s commitment to fostering energy through cultural programs and sports across Bangladesh.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of sports, Salim underscored its ability to guide and uplift the youth towards the right path. He praised the diverse participation, noting the unity and enthusiasm displayed by both young and elderly individuals in the marathon.

The event witnessed the attendance of Khadija Khatun, advisor to the Pinnacle Sports Association, Riyal Talukder, the general secretary, SM Samsul Huda, former general secretary, and several other distinguished personalities and sports enthusiasts.

The day-long event culminated in a vibrant closing ceremony, accompanied by a prize-giving ceremony to honor the winners and participants.

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